The Day I Gave Blood

The Day I Gave Blood | sarahesh.com
I was secretly wishing that something drastic would have happened, perhaps I would have passed out when my finger was pricked, or maybe my veins would have been impossible to find, leaving me with at least 6 stab marks in my right arm before they decided to try my left arm and finally discover the vein.
Silly blogger me, wishing for a good story.
It didn't happen, folks. Of course it went without as much as a flaw.
I signed in, answered about half a million questions, and waited. Then, when I thought that I was finally done waiting, I waited some more. Eventually, my name was called, my arm cleaned, and on the first try, a vein was found.
After 10 minutes of clenching my fist then resting, in five second intervals, I was done. I had successfully donated blood for the first time in my 23 years of life. Another thing was crossed off the list.
I didn't feel light-headed. I didn't pass out.
I was given a $5 Dunkin' Donuts gift card for donating blood, then immediately told that I was not to drink coffee or alcohol or participate in vigorous activities for the next 24 hours. Too bad, because I had to drive right past Dunkin' on my way to pick up Carson, who was having a grandma day.
Yes, it was completely uneventful, leaving me with nothing exciting to write about.

Maybe next time I'll pass out and have a dramatic story to tell, but not today.


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