Poached Eggs on Toast

Poached Eggs on Toast || sarahesh.blogspot.com

The summer of 2013 was pretty crazy. Herm was working to establishing a branch of Keystone Custom Decks here in New York. In between jobs here, he would head to Pennsylvania for work. The branch down there was booked full and so glad to have him on the crew. 

I was working at a local cafe and cleaning for several families. When I could, I would go along with Herm to PA for the week, but most of the time I just stayed back. 

I know I have said it before, cooking isn't my first love. I do it out of necessity and love for my men. If I was single, my diet would be pretty bland and boring.

When Herm was working out of town for those many weeks that summer, I would make a big pan of baked oatmeal and eat that for breakfast and lunch every day. Supper would be a salad of some sort and maybe grilled chicken too.

But I was pregnant and my iron levels were on the lower side of safe, so my midwife told me to step of my game or I would have to eat liver. I was bound and determined that I would not eat liver, so I began to eat spinach. And lots of it! I ate it in salads, I drank it in smoothies. I threw it into soup and even thought about trying to make brownies with it. (Just kidding. I don't bake brownies.)

Because of my go-through-a-bag-a-day spinach habit, I came up with this recipe. I guess it isn't truly a recipe, more of a glimpse into how I now love to fuel my morning.

Poached Eggs on Toast || sarahesh.blogspot.com

     2 eggs
     2 slices whole grain bread
     2 sausage patties or slices of turkey bacon
     A large handful of baby spinach
     Feta Cheese
     Chipotle hot sauce
      Fresh cracked pepper to taste

I begin by adding about 2" of water to a small pan and bringing it to a gentle simmer. In the mean time I crack the eggs into separate ramekins and carefully tip it into the water once ready. While the eggs are cooking, about three minutes, I put whole grain bread into the toaster and warm the sausage patties on a small skillet. After the patties are hot, I throw a large handful of spinach into the skillet too and wilt it. 

To assemble, I layer the wilted spinach over buttered toast and add the sausage patty on top. Then I put the poached egg on top of it all, careful not to break the yolk. I like to crack pepper and crumble feta over the egg and sprinkle a bit of chipotle hot sauce too for extra flavor. 

Sometimes, when I am not in the mood for bread, I will make the same thing and serve it over a bed of quinoa instead. Either way, it's simple. It's delicious. And it's full of iron!

Poached Eggs on Toast || sarahesh.blogspot.com

But you know what the part of eating this breakfast is? It's eating it with this sausage and egg lover.



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