Things I Never Told You

I had to blow dust off this blog before sitting down to write. 

In my head I've got a lot of dreams of what this little space could become, but somehow my priorities aren't aligning with my dreams right now. The lack of activity here as proven that.

Nonetheless, I am still hanging on to those dreams. In the same way I still consider myself a runner, even though my days of training for races and regularly running three miles before 6 am have all but vanished (okay, completely vanished),  I still consider myself a writer; albeit, one who rarely writes.

I won't allow myself to believe that becoming a mom has stolen that part of who I am. We all make time for what we have chosen to make time for. I could list many excuses, some of them completely valid, as to why I haven't shown up more, but the point is, if I wanted to write bad enough, I would have. 

Discussing my lack of ambition lately isn't why I am here. I'm simply going to update you with some of what has been happening in my life the past while, and from there hope that I begin to show up more often again, so that we don't have to dig into the archives of life to get started the next time.

Now, on to the Things I Never Told You...

1. Italy. Been There, Done That. 

To celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary this past September, we traveled to Italy, kids in tow, and did a bit of sight seeing. We had layovers in both Paris and Amsterdam, so we took advantage of that as well by spending a day exploring each of those cities. 

Tucked into a notebook, I have a list of over 30 blog post ideas. In the mix are posts I'd like to write about our trip, including detailed ones on Traveling with Kids, How to Backpack for Twelve Days with a Family of Four, Why We Invest in Vacation, and so on. In the probable chance that those posts never see the light of day, enjoy a few photos...

2. We are Having Another Baby!

If I were to list some of the excuses I've come up with whenever Herm asks why I haven't been writing more (he brings this up frequently, he is my biggest encourage-er when it comes to this blog) the little child I am growing would be one of them. It worked well for the first trimester, when I was exhausted in the afternoon and took naps when the kids did, and again at night, when I tucked myself in immediately after bedtime prayers with Carson and Brooklyn. The second trimester is a different story. That excuse is no longer valid.

About the baby! goodness, I let myself trail off on that one: I am almost 18 weeks along, which means I am due the beginning of July. We don't know the gender. We don't know if we will choose to find out the gender. We haven't discussed, in detail, names yet. And along with that, we will take any and all suggestions at this point. Naming a child keeps getting harder and harder with every pregnancy. This might have to be the last.

3. NYC at Christmastime is Magical and Overrated.

My mom and dad graciously watched the kids for a weekend so that Herm and I could enjoy a quick getaway to New York City. We went right before Christmas. It was beautiful and cold and extremely overrun with people wanting to see the tree at Rockefeller. We had fun, but both agreed we enjoy smaller cities much, much better. 

I guess this will do it for now, until next time....