Baby Bird

Photo by Corina Miller

It was last summer, around the 4th of July, when Kat, my sister-in-law, first mentioned her dream of opening an online children's boutique to me. In the months since then she's been perfecting her patterns and figuring out what fabrics she wants to use, and today is that day I finally get to tell you all about Baby Bird, her Instagram shop!

Kat gifted me several things: two knit skirts, a linen skirt, and a linen pair of jogger style pants, all for Brooklyn. In the past few months those items have become favorite things Brooklyn will end up wearing multiple times each week. 

What I've come to absolutely love about the linen items is that unlike most fabrics, it actually becomes even nicer the more you wear and wash it. The joggers and skirt have both softened up beautifully, they hold up well against an active toddler who seems wear holes in just about everything I put on her, and stains don't stand a chance at ruining the clothes... just soak them in a vinegar/water mixture and almost anything, pizza sauce included, will come right out.

The knit items are extremely soft. Brooklyn would most likely pick the floral skirt as her favorite out of the whole collection, because as she says, it's so "pudy" (pretty). She can be quite the little Tom Boy, but when it comes to clothes and shoes, she likes a bit of added flounce and sparkle.

I know I could go on and on about my love for Baby Bird, but I'd rather let you experience the items for yourself. This week, over on my Instagram page, I am giving away $30 in shop credit for Baby Bird to one lucky person. If you go enter the giveaway that person might be YOU!

And you if aren't the winner, but still would like to experience Baby Bird for yourself (and I think you should), follow Kat's shop on Instagram, or email her at babybirdsewing17@gmail.com for more information.