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Confession: I cannot stand reading fitness blogs (expect Laces and Lattes, which I read regularly) or following trainers on Instagram. The same goes for raw/vegan/natural foodies. So, if you're like me, stop reading this post immediately, because I'm talking about fitness and personal training.
Consider yourself warned.
HIIT Like a Girl | sarahesh.com
I am a runner.
I have been since fourteen or fifteen, when I participated in a summer challenge with Brio Magazine. (Were any of you avid Brio readers too?) The challenge focused on various aspects of life - spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical. I don't remember specifics, but I believe that we were required to workout at least 30 minutes, five days per week. I biked and swam and went hiking too, but before the summer was up I was hooked, running was my thing, it's been my thing ever since.
I absolutely love it. In fact, the name of this blog, Come What May, was inspired from 2 Samuel 18:23, which states, "He said, 'Come what may, I want to run.' So Joab said, 'Run!'"
To me, running is how I clear my mind and unwind, it adds a bit of routine to daily unscheduled schedule. I love the burning sensation deep in my lungs after I push myself especially hard and the runners high, that second wind you sometimes get, after you've hit exhaustion, thinking there was nothing more to give.
I like run with Carson and our dog, Rambo. I like to run with my faithful running friend, Amanda. I like to run with Herm. I like to run alone.
Yes, running is my thing, and I hope it always will be. Recently though, I've incorporated a few other things into my routine and it has been fun and rewarding.
I was looking for other ways to workout last winter, because the weather was unusually harsh. Often it was far too cold and windy out, especially considering that I had an infant with me most of the time. I was training for the Seneca7 though, so I was determined that on days were I couldn't get out, I would workout hard inside.
My goal was to increase my speed and endurance, so I added the following:
Kettlebells with Ryan Shanahan  //   This is an intense full-body work out. I use a 30 lbs kettlebell because it's what I have, but if I had it to do over again, I would purchase 20 lbs or lighter. There are several moves that I can't do well because of the weight. I am pretty sure doing the workout with less weight would actually be more beneficial overall.
HIIT with Fitness Blender  //  This has become one of my all time favorites because of how intense the training is. In 20 minutes I can be completely finished with the routine and be completely exhausted, but there are longer routines if you prefer that. As a mom, I like to make it short and to the point so that I can get on with my day.
Yoga Melt Down with Jullian Michaels  //  This is great for strength and flexibility. Herm tells me that yoga is only stretching and cannot be considered a workout... but I have a feeling that if he tried it, it really wouldn't be as easy as he thinks it is.
Also, being a fitness coach of some sort would be a dream job for me. If I ever get that chance, I'd like to be focused, like Jillian, and yell at all of my clients.  "If you want to see results, you've got to BRING IT!"
XHIT Daily  //  I love XHIT because I can choose what I was to focus on, say legs or abs, and add a short 7-10 minutes segment to the end of another workout or if all I have is 7-10 minutes that day, I can still benefit. No excuses.
I don't have a particular order for this routine - I try to run at least three times per week, then use the other days to do one or more of the videos above. It doesn't always happen and that's okay, but I definitely feel better about myself and more productive and energized on the days where I do workout.
"And remember, great abs are made in the kitchen! It doesn't matter how hard you workout, if you aren't fueling your body properly, you won't see great results." -Sarah, the yelling fitness coach

What are your favorite ways to stay fit? I'd love to hear them!


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