You Know You're a Frazzled Mom If... || Part 2

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• You spend your Saturday morning driving all over town, visiting every auto body shop, in search of the parts your husband requested you pick up. Nothing makes you feel more stupid then asking a mechanic questions about the workings of a vehicle you really know nothing about. Your kids are both crying in the backseat, and even though you know nothing about the vehicle needing repairs, you can't figure out why three different mechanics at three different locations aren't taking your situation seriously... that is, until you get home and realize you're sporting mismatched earrings with crazy hat hair and there's a trail of baby snot slithering down your left shoulder. Obviously if you can't take yourself serious, no one else will either.

• Two weeks later you get home from church, and after putting the kids to bed you start putting yourself to bed too. Reaching up to remove your earrings you realize you're only wearing one... the other is still patiently waiting to be worn. It's been that way for the past four hours. It's a scary thing, really, when you're responsible for keeping two young children safe from harm, but have proven time and again that you're not even responsible enough for earrings.

• You typically scold your toddler son when he teases his sister, yelling at her loudly, causing her to cry. But in a desperate attempt to keep them both awake on the 20 minute drive home from Grandma's house, you suggest he could start screaming in her face.

• You enforce a No Sweets Before Breakfast policy but don't tell your early rising children you crawled out of bed at 5:30 am so you could dunk a bar of chocolate into your hot coffee and savor it slow, not having to share even a bit. 

• When the kids are awake it takes so long to drink a mug of coffee that if you make it hot it'll eventually turn iced, and if you make it iced it will surely warm up.

• The cashiers at your local grocery store all know about how your toddler son escaped through the automatic doors as you were distractedly paying your bill last week, and was running around all the cars in the parking lot. They heard your shrieking panic as you busted your way through the doors that weren't automatically opening for you, and now, this week, while they're joking about the incident with you, you can feel 16 extra eyes watching that toddlers every move. His mom forgets her earrings... she might forget him too.

• Someone finds out your a stay-at-home mom and asks what you do all day... I can't even remember to put in both earrings, yet you expect me to recall what I do all day?.

When both children are finally sleeping, you feel tempted to sit down and crack open a new book. Time, however, has shown you that the silence of a book spine cracking open can be heard yards away and is loud enough to wake even the heaviest of sleepers. Don't risk it.

Out of the kindness of her heart, a cashier at the same grocery store, mentions it's time for another kid. Mine were thirteen months apart, she says, while wearing both earrings and looking very responsible.

It takes more thought and preparation to plan how you're going to spend a kid-free evening out than it did to plan your own wedding.

• You get up early and go to bed late, fully knowing it's a game of Russian Roulette you're playing. Spin the cylinder and pull the trigger; one, if not two, children are bound to wake up. But it's the quiet, precious stillness of those hours that gives you an adrenaline rush worth the risk. Mom's get no sleep. This is why.

Hi friends, I'm Sarah, and I love being a Frazzled Mom.

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