All things home design. Once I get a notion in my head, I have a really hard time forgetting about it. Our sectional sofa and reclining couch are both in much need of being replaced. Herm had both of them before we got married, and even though I never exactly loved them, they fit the need at the time. A few weeks ago, though, as I was cleaning the sectional, I noticed how pilled the fabric had become. I started cleaning it with my sweater stone, which worked wonders... the only problem being that it worked too well. The twenty-plus year old fabric was worn so thin in spots that as I removed the snags and pills suddenly there was nothing there anymore, except stuffing spilling out. It's an unsightly mess, and I've been scouring Craiglist in the hopes someone will list a like-new leather sofa for about 75% off its usual retail value. I've found a few I liked, but I'm holding out for one I love. (Anyone selling a couch like this or this?)

I've also been looking for a living room rug (which might involved a quick trip to Turkey to find one at a market, that is, if Craigslist doesn't pull through), and if I'm getting new couches and a new rug, I might as well paint the walls a new color too, right? In my mind I have the entire living area rearranged and revamped. 

I promise, this does bring us around to what I've been reading... Books like Old Home Love and STYLED and Young House Love. All things home design. If you're interested in this too, I would especially recommend STYLED by Emily Henderson. I spent a few hours pouring over it, and found inspiration to use things I already own, in a new way. It's a book I borrowed from the library but I think it'll be added to my wishlist of books I want to own.


Dates, which my brother's mother-in-law brought with her from Dubai as a gift. I thought I liked dates in general, but these are so much softer and more flavorful than any other dried date I've ever eaten. Good thing I can't read the nutritional label, because I'm sure I exceeded the amount per serving several times over.

Also loving Quebec style popcorn. When we vacationed there this winter (still need to post about that trip!) we got a bag full for a movie night, and then bought another bag for the trip home. It's a mixture of cheddar cheese flavored corn and maple glazed corn. The sweet and salty-ness of it is perfect! I tried to recreate it yesterday, using cheddar cheese powder and real maple syrup, and goodness, is it more-ish. (Meaning, I can't stop because I want more.)


Um, does it sound sort of obsessive if I mention the living room makeover? Here is my Pinterest mood board, and I've been tweaking it ruthlessly.


For new living room furniture. Okay, now I'm really going to sound obsessed. In addition to that, I'm wishing for an afternoon or two where the kids both sleep for hours and hours, so I can tackled a few painting projects I've been putting off. (For the past three years! Ever since I painted our entryway two-toned. I never actually liked it that way. Lesson learned.)

thinking about:

So as not to completely bore you, I'm choosing not to mention the living room makeover. I recently read two really good blog posts -- that's what I've been thinking about. You can find them here and here (if you read this one, also read part two).

listening to:

Option a.) Java with Julie. About a month ago I asked, in an Instagram story, for some new podcast suggestions. I got lots, but one that really has interested me is Java with Julie. It tackles a lot of taboo topics, often dealing with relationships and sexuality. Something that I think needs to be discussed in an honest and frank way more often.

Option b.) The sound of birds chirping. It's what I woke to this morning, and is a sure sign spring is here, even if there are still patching of snow on the ground. 


  1. Wayfair.com. You need it, especially for your rug search