How to Turn Any Tote into a Diaper Bag

Floral planner, TJ Maxx | Notebook, Staples

Organic snack pouches for kiddos from Aldi | Granola bars for Mama | Muslin Swaddle blankets for nursing

iPhone camera tripod and remote | Noonday Wallet (similar) | Maybelline lipstick in Rum Riche (love this color!)

Several years ago I shared a post about my leather tote, along with a tip on how I converted it to an organized diaper bag. I wanted to carry a bag that was classy and timeless and wouldn't scream Mom-bag! everywhere I went. The tote and the organizer where both new to me, and I was so excited about them.

I thought I'd write a review again, because both products have stood the test of time, and are still used daily,  as I hoped they would be.

The tote was an investment piece, there is no denying that, but the story behind it, a story of Ethiopian women handcrafting beautiful leather goods, while overcoming poverty and working to provide for their families, along with the high quality and attention to detail, make this tote completely worth every penny it cost. With time it has softened and darkened becoming even more beautiful.

When my husband gifted it to me, I kissed him with delight and told him I would never purchase another bag again.

While I didn't stay completely true to my word, I thrifted a small vintage Coach bag to use when I don't have the kids with me, my leather Mamuye tote from FashionABLE has been used nearly daily in the three years that I've owned it. I highly recommend it to anyone who asks me about it... included the stranger who was absentmindedly stroking it, while commenting on its rare beauty. (She apologized for petting it when she realized that she was doing but I was already nearly doubled over in silent laughter, and told her it's not uncommon to find me petting regularly too.)

To keep the tote organized I purchased this bag insert on Amazon. It cost around $10. It's got two zippered pockets, one large main area, and several small pockets on the sides to house things you need easy access to, like your phone and Chapstick. Overall I like the design, my only wish is that it would be deeper and a bit more structured. I've been eyeing this one and this one on Amazon, but haven't purchased either yet, as I'm not really sure it's worth trying another one just because of those two things.

If I am leaving my kids with a sitter for the day, I can pull the insert out, and everything they need will be right there. That function has come in really handy.

I do use that small vintage bag I picked up on occasion but once I'm past the baby stage, and no longer need to carry diapers and wipes and other current necessities, I would love to invest in one more small bag from FashionABLE. I've been dreaming about this one or this one. However, they are constantly releasing new designs and they keep getting better and better... So I'm going to hold off on that purchase for while.

My love for this tote only grows stronger with time. Three years in, and I would still tell anyone considering it, make the purchase!

Disclosure: I will receive a small commission and/or reward credit on any purchases made through these links. Thank you for supporting my blog and helping to fund my next bag from FashionABLE. :)

Referral link for FashionABLE: www.livefashionable.com/?aic=39KM9SX


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