The Wisdom of Removing Teeth

The other week I did the most adult-like thing I can think of; I called the dentist to schedule an appointment to figure out what needs to happen with my wisdom teeth.

They've been working their way up through the gums for years, going in spurts. It's been in the back of my mind for so long, but the thought of how much it could possibly cost to extract them kept me from doing anything.

I'm twenty-five years old and I'm teething, grumpy and fussy, with my ten month old. Grace upon grace, baby girl. I know what you're going through!

Herm kept telling me I have to do something about them. You've got too nice of teeth, he said, to have them crowded out because you didn't take care of this problem.

So, I did what I do when I need to do something I really don't want to actually do: I made myself accountable to everyone who reads this blog. :) Yup, it's 24 on my list of 25 things.

I can't remember the last time I was at the dentist office, but I know it was between 7-9 years ago!

I used to go regularly, back when my parents covered the cost (thanks mom and dad!), but every time I would go in they would tell me I did an awesome job caring for my teeth, then ask for payment... they accepted cash, checks, solid nuggets of gold or brand new vehicles, for that bit of encouraging news.

I moved out of country for a while, then came home, got married, and never went back. Dentists are darn expensive, and I was certainly broke.

Walking into that dentist office the other week was a bit nerve racking, if I'm truly honest. I won't have cavities, I told myself. I won't need every tooth in my mouth yanked, I won't, just the wisdom teeth!

They took a few x-rays to check if my wisdom teeth could be removed in-office, cleaned my teeth, told me I had nice coloring and beautiful enamel (thank you My Magic Mud! More on that in a moment), and that whatever I was doing, to just keep doing it.

We've got plans of removing only two of the wisdom teeth. And yes, it can be done in-office and will cost much, much less than I had imagined. Whew, I can cross that off the list!

When asked if I would like to schedule another cleaning six months from now, I laughed and said, No, let's go for another nine years, I don't like paying someone regularly to tell me to keep doing what I've been doing. (Okay, so  I didn't say that. But I really don't like paying for someone to tell me I know how to brush. I'm pushing the next cleaning out at least another year.)


Okay, now that we've got wisdom teeth out of the way, let's get talk about My Magic Mud.

I love a nice, bright smile. It's one of the first things I notice on someone else, and something I try hard to maintain myself.

But, after using Crest Whitening strips for a while, I noticed my teeth were becoming really sensitive. Researching it a bit, I realized the strips really aren't good for your teeth at all. The strips weaken enamel, which causes sensitivity. If used too often it can even cause severe damage.

 I stopped using them, and instead tried brushing with baking soda every now and then, and consuming less coffee or red wine. (But what fun is that?!) Those methods worked, sort of.

Recently though, I heard about My Magic Mud. They have both tooth paste and tooth powder made from completely natural ingredients, like activated charcoal, coconut oil, and bentonite clay. The products promise to both whiten and strengthen your teeth.

I contacted the company and they generously sent me a set to try out. Thank you!

It's been just a few weeks since I started using it, and I already notice a difference in how clean my teeth feel and how bright they are looking. My dentist commented on that beautiful enamel and good coloring, and I'm guessing this might be playing into that.

The tooth paste doesn't have glycerin in it, so it's not thick and foamy like most pastes. If you're able to get use to that, I think you might really like it. Your teeth will look crazy while brushing, because everything turns black. But no worries, it'll all be white again, once you rinse.

The powder is a bit stronger than the paste, and extremely messy. Be careful when you use it! It works well though, and so far I've been really happy with the results. It doesn't work as fast a Crest Whitening Strips did, but it's a more natural approach that doesn't hurt my teeth or make them sensitive.

Overall, I've been really happy with this product and will be buying more when my stash runs out!

You can buy My Magic Mud Paste and My Magic Mud Powder on Amazon or directly from the company.

Also, in my research about oral health and remineralizing and whitening teeth naturally, I came across this article. I found it really interesting, and though perhaps you would too.

All of this because I thought to add removing my wisdom teeth to that birthday bucket list. You're welcome. :)

Disclosure: My Magic Mud sent me products to try out and review but the opinions I shared are completely my own. If you purchase the products through this blog post, I will make a small commission on them, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for helping support my blog! <3


  1. I'm excited to try out this toothpaste! I've been noticing my teeth need a pick-me-up but haven't used the whitening strips for years, mostly due to the sensitivity I experienced. Thanks for the head's up! And I am also putting off a years-delayed trip to the dentist. Two kids under two is a great excuse to not schedule an appointment, plus add in the anticipated dollar signs, and there goes another year...

  2. Uw! Im excited to hear about this product. I too have experienced sensitivity from white strips and have stopped using them. I'm going to check this out : )

  3. Straightens and brightens teeth?? Where can I sign?

  4. I am excited to try My Magic Mud, my brother has done a lot of research on natural toothpastes and has been urging me to make my own...maybe I will someday but I'll try this first! I've been wanted to whiten my smile for some time now.

  5. I just got my wisdom teeth removed as well. Trust me - it is a relief to have them out.

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