A Few Things for Your Weekend

Alternatively this post could be titled Things That Distract Me When I'm Trying to Blog. 

This week it has felt like all creativity was emptied out of me, for every time I sat down in an attempt to write, words wouldn't come. It felt awkward and forced, which resulted in me being very distracted. 

Distracted by what, you might ask? 

Imagine with me, if you will, a morning of slight chaos and maximum noise, Carson morphed into a firetruck again, and his sirens are blaring; imagine a grumpy 10 month old Brooklyn who is on the verge of cutting two new teeth, and if that isn't bad enough, just face-planted into the wood floor, again, her balance hasn't quite caught up to her daring feats; imagine their Mom, still in her yoga pants (Who are we kidding? Let's just rename those house pants, for I never change out of them anymore, unless, say, I'm leaving the house.) who has managed to make the beds and wash breakfast dishes, but has already forgotten about the laundry waiting to be folded or what she was going to make for dinner, and is distracted and kept busy with her precious children, the ones who use her for a human tissue, wiping their noses against her while simultaneously begging her wipe their rears. Now imagine a blow-out that turned those classy house pants into toilet paper. Yeah...

Now that that scene is painted fresh in your mind, I'm sure you can truly understand why I look forward to nap time every afternoon.


Both kids have finally fallen asleep, and I sit down to write...

But, if I am writing a blog post, won't an iced coffee accompany that well?

Distraction number one: 

Herm's Aeropress coffee maker. I bought it for him for Father's Day, and now it's the only coffee maker we use. It makes coffee so delicious, in fact, that I've already made myself coffee to take along to a cafe. (Almost as classy as wearing house pants in public, something I will never do! I am ashamed.)

To make iced coffee, I fill a tall glass with ice cubes, all the way to the brim, then drizzle just a touch of real maple syrup over it. I brew a shot of coffee in the Aeropress directly onto the iced cubes, give everything a stir, and top it with homemade whipped cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Delicious!

Herm gave me this whipped cream dispenser for Mother's Day. We tag-team gifts fairly well. :)

Distraction number two:

Craigslist. Perhaps you read the post previous to this one, where I rambled on and on about a living room makeover I've completed in my mind? It's still going full force. I've narrowed down the style of sofas I'm excited to welcome into our home, but nothing has been purchased yet. I've got to find a good deal, I can't help it, I'm both German and Mennonite!

Distraction number three:

While trying to find words for that blog post I intended to write, I remembered it's now April, the month Artifact Uprising usually gives away some free prints. I check their site... and guess what?! They're giving away a free Instagram photo book. Instead of writing, I compiled and ordered an entire album, all I paid was the cost of shipping.

That deal ends tomorrow! (4/7/2017) Visit this page to create your 5.5 x 5.5 book, then use code GPL397A at checkout.

You're welcome.

Distraction number four:

The Magic of Motherhood, a book I've been very excited to get was just released... I head on over to the black hole of Amazon, to see if it's there.

Distraction number five:

Chairish -- a site similar to ThredUp, in that it's second hand, but maybe even better, because it's home furnishings and decor.

Speaking of ThredUp, have you used my referral code yet? If not, click through this link and you'll get $10 off your first purchase. Go buy yourself something fun, after all, it's SPRING!

And that, my friends, is why the blog post I was planning to write --the one with a whole lot more depth and value to it -- did not happen this week.


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