WORN: On Wednesday

I’ve teamed up with Fair Trade Friday this summer. Throughout the month of July I will be sharing  about fair trade, and toward the end of the month I will be hosting a giveaway for a beautiful fair trade tote. Stick around, you don’t want to miss it.
In the mean time, every Wednesday I plan to share a fashion post that features at least one fair trade product. 
WORN: On Wednesday | sarahesh.com
Inspiration photo by Kristina J. Used with permission. 
There is always something to be thankful for.
And today I am thankful there are only five Wednesdays in July, and not 500. These fashion posts aren't as easy as I thought they be, and I'm so ready for this series to be over.
Back in June when I planned this, I was imagining spending an afternoon taking all of the photos I would need, then scheduling each post, so that every Wednesday morning, like clock work, there would be something new for the blog.
Instead my days fly by, and before I'm ready it's Tuesday and I still don't have photos for the Worn on Wednesday post for the next day. This week was no exception.
I needed to take Carson into town for some blood work, so I decided we'd leave the house a bit early and stop by the park. I'd use the self-timer on my camera to snap a few photos while Carson played without getting dirty. It wouldn't take long at all to get what I needed, and we'd be on with our day.
Do you think it actually happened like that?
We arrived at the park in good time, and after adjusting a few settings and situating the camera, I posed in front of it like a vain woman, while Carson splashed in the puddles near the channel.
A lady I know was out walking with her friend, so I quickly hid my camera and pretended to be out for a walk with Carson too. After chatting with her for a bit, I walked around the corner, then pulled the camera out again, hoping for better results. Five photos in, the camera batteries die, and it's about time for the appointment anyhow.
After the blood work was finished, I planned to stop for new batteries, then go back and finish the pictures...
Do you think it actually happened like that?
The test results were good. I was so thankful... but that little pin pricked finger would not stop bleeding, and even with a band-aid on his finger, Carson still managed to get blood everywhere, including my dress.
And it started to rain. So instead of trying to redo those photos, we finished our errands in town, then came home, and I crossed my fingers, hoping for the best. Maybe there would be a picture or two that I could use.
They'll have to do.
Thank goodness I'm not a perfectionist or a full time fashion blogger, eh? Only two more weeks to go!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

WORN: On Wednesday | sarahesh.com
Dress: handmade by Kate // Belt: Express, thrifted // Sandals: handcrafted in Jamaica, gifted (similar) // Bag: FashionABLE // Earrings: Water for Life (similar)


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