WORN: On Wednesday

I’ve teamed up with Fair Trade Friday this summer. Throughout the month of July I will be sharing  about fair trade, and toward the end of the month I will be hosting a giveaway for a beautiful fair trade tote. Stick around, you don’t want to miss it.
In the mean time, every Wednesday I plan to share a fashion post that features at least one fair trade product. 
WORN: On Wednesday | sarahesh.com
Today is the final Wednesday in July and I couldn't be happier. These posts are done, I'm moving on. 
My sister-in-law and her seven children came to visit for a few days, and my mother-in-law surprised me and came along with them. For the past three years we've been talking about how fun it would be for them to come up when the blueberry crop is ready for harvest. But it never worked out... until this year. 
They arrived around lunchtime Monday. It was hot and humid, so it didn't take long for us to pack up and go down to the lake for a few hours. I love living so close to a beautiful beach area. This summer I've been frequenting the lake more than I ever have in my 22 years of living in the heart of the Finger Lakes. 
When we got back from the lake we enjoyed a dinner of burgers and corn on the cob out on our deck, and of course we had to take them to the best ice cream place ever, Seneca Farms
Yesterday morning after a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and the best peaches ever, we headed to the blueberry patch. It was hot and humid, and after only 15 minutes of picking berries we were all eager to finish up and head for the lake. We kept at it though, until all of our buckets were full.
We had a lot of fun, and there is talk of making this an annual sisters day, where all of the sisters-in-law and their kids would come up for a blueberry day. I do hope it works out!
I was planning to get a few shots at the blueberry patch for this post, but I was hot and sweaty and the sun was harsh, and thank goodness odors don't waft through blog posts, if you know what I mean. The photos didn't happen until Herm was home from work and our dinner dishes were cleared off the table and put away.
I had been wanting a chambray dress for the longest time, but never found one that worked. They were always too long or short, poor quality, ill fitting, or expensive. I had almost given up hope, but one day when I had 10 minutes before my next appointment, I ran into Salvation Army. And that's when I spotted hanging there, brand new with tags, for only $3. It was perfect. No, it was almost perfect. The only problem? It was three sizes too large. I decided to do something rarely do... I would risk the$3 and hope that my minimal seamstress skills would be able to alter it into something that fits. And guess what? It worked! 
I love that this dress is heavy enough that it doesn't require a slip or cami underneath, but light enough to keep me cool and comfy on hot summer days. I wear it often, and I'm pretty sure it'll stay that way until one day it can't take it any more and simply falls apart. 
WORN: On Wednesday | sarahesh.com
WORN: On Wednesday | sarahesh.com
WORN: On Wednesday | sarahesh.com

Dress, Old Navy, thrifted and refashioned (similar) // Belt, unkown, thrifted // Necklace // Sandals, handcrafted in Jamaica, gifted (similar)


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