What I Heard Myself Say

What I Heard Myself Say | sarahesh.com
No Carson, frogs don't drink wine.
I was working in the kitchen. Carson and his two froggy-friends were there too. The froggy-friends, however, were confined to a 3 gallon pail.
Carson was excitedly telling me all about his frogs; with each hop and jump I was informed. It was a thrilling afternoon for him, it's always fun when you have a new pet or two to play with.
He was trying to play host, I would suppose. I didn't ask if he checked ID's for the frogs.  I'm sure he realized they weren't so comfortable with their new surroundings and wanted to make them feel welcome. Whatever the motive, he pulled a bottle of unopened wine off of the shelf and pretended to pour it over each frog. Again and again he poured.
And that's when I heard myself say, No Carson, frogs don't drink wine. 
I laughed at how silly that sounded and immediately my memory jogged back over the past week or two... conversations with a toddler can sometimes sound like this:
Hey, get your feet out of the toilet bowl. That's not how you go potty.
Where did you put my credit card? You know, the one with an airplane on it. Yeah, you had it last.
Open wide, here comes the Choo-Choo Train.
It's your turn to flush the toilet... wave bye-bye.
How's the milk? No, silly not mommy-milk... your milk. The cows milk!

The conversations made complete sense, I'm sure... Unless you were in another room overhearing it and had no idea what was actually going on. 
Life with a energetic and super friendly toddler is never dull, and I love every minute of it.
What about you: Tell us about something silly you recently heard yourself say?


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