Nineteen + Twenty

I've taken the liberty of editing the list a bit. After all, I am the one wrote it, so I should be allowed to change it throughout the year as I see fit, right?
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The changes aren't big; instead of exploring downtown Rochester (because really, where is downtown Rochester?) I decided to explore Ithaca, with its quaint West Coast vibe and organic/vegan option for everything. I love that hippie town, and folks that write it off just because it's different than any other town in the North East are, in my opinion, missing out on a lot of charm and beauty.

I also decided that, yes, thrift shopping is my kind of hunting. I really have no desire to kill a cute and cuddly animal. And with its 42 second-hand shops, and a beautifully detailed map of where each one is located and what they sell, Ithaca is a thrifter's paradise.
Which brings us to this past Saturday...
Kate and I decided to go explore the Farmer's Marketand visit a few thrift shops as well.
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I had never been to the market, but had heard from multiple sources that it is one of the best in the area. And let me tell you, it's a beauty! This is pretty early in the growing season; considering that, I felt like there was a nice variety of fruits and vegetables, along with fresh flowers, herbs, pastries, beautiful handcrafted products and so much more. If you ever get the chance, please visit. Farm fresh eggs were selling for $3 for half a dozen, so if you raise chickens, you might consider becoming a vendor. (Mom, just thought I'd throw that out there.)
After walking through the market, we stopped at Gimme! Coffee before headed over to Mama Goosemy favorite kids clothing consignment. I found a jacket, some shorts, and, get this, BABY Birkenstocks! there for Carson, and with the store credit I had from selling some newborn clothes a while ago, I was able to get those items for about $2.
Nineteen + Twenty | sarahesh.com
Next was Salvation Army, where I scored an $8 Radio Flyer trike for Carson. I had been searching for a riding toy of some sort for months. I wanted something for Carson to play with on the deck. But everything I had found up until that point was either cheap plastic or bright pink. He was thrilled about the trike, and rode it through the entire store, ringing the bell as he went along.
Nineteen + Twenty | sarahesh.com
We stopped at several more places. I think Kate found a few items, but I didn't.
I know I've mentioned it before, but I really don't enjoy shopping, mainly because I'm frugal stingy and hate spending money. But if I know what I am purchasing is something that's been on my shopping list (yes, I create a list even when thrifting, and usually stick with it), and if I know it's good quality for a good price, I actually enjoy it.
I also feel like I killed two birds with one stone, since I was able to cross two items off the list today. (And killing two birds would also count as hunting, right Herm?)
I still can't get over those baby Birkenstocks! They are quite possibly my best thrifting score to-date. So tell me, what has been your best thrifting find?


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