He was the Best Dog Ever

He was the Best Dog Ever | sarahesh.com
We had a pretty rough week over here. Our dog, Rambo, has been sick for the past month. We had taken him to the vet and after a few days of antibiotics he seemed to be slowly recovering. His energy still wasn't back to its normal level, but he seemed happy and content. He was eating and drinking again, and even though we weren't back to running together, he was always so excited to join Carson and I on walks. But last Monday he took a turn for the worse. Every thing he ate came back up, and eventually he quit eating altogether. He was severely dehydrated and no matter how hard we tried to coax him, he wouldn't drink.
I took him to the vet again, and from what the blood work showed, his kidneys were failing. We had to make that hard decision. Sometimes loving means letting go; but letting go was not easy.
When I married Herm I knew that the dog was going to be a part of my life, I can't say that I was super excited about the idea at first. I made it known that Rambo was Herm's dog, and under no circumstances was he to be in MY house. I couldn't handle finding dog hair here and there... but even in that cold winter of our first year of marriage, my heart began to soften. On days that I wasn't at work I would let Rambo hang out in the foyer, and just before Herm came home I would take him out to his box in the garage. It was our little secret.
He was the Best Dog | sarahesh.com
Rambo almost always tagged along with us; if we were heading to PA for the weekend, he'd go along. If we were going out for just the day, he was with us.
The summer I was pregnant with Carson Herm was working out of town quite often. I would go along with him when I could. One week in particular we were down in PA. Herm would leave for work early in the morning, and I would have most of the day to relax and spend time with my in-laws. I was running as often as I could, trying hard to stay fit and active throughout my pregnancy. I got up early one morning, and dressed for my run. After grabbing the leash and a few other things I headed out to get Rambo. But when I reached the shed where he was tied, he was no where to be found. He managed to slip the chain and headed off on a run without me. In desperation I walked through the wooded area for a while calling for him. Finally I decided to start on the run, bringing the leash along with me. Surely I would find him. I ran the block, all 7 miles of it, only to return to the place we were staying to find Rambo laying in the shade on the deck, eager to see me. I chewed him out for making a woman who was 20 weeks pregnant run 7 miles without her dog; he gave me sloppy kisses and begged to go on a run.
 Just before hunting season Herm and Rambo were often out in the woods together, spending many hours scouting out spots for tree stands and looking for deer rubs. They loved time together like that. Every evening when Herm would get home from work, he'd throw Frisbee with Rambo. And every night he'd go tuck him into his bed out in the garage.
He was the Best Dog | sarahesh.com
Carson adored Rambo. In fact, "Bambo" was his first word. He spent countless hours out on the deck or in the yard playing with him, climbing over him, tugging at his ears or pulling on his tail. They shared ice cream cones and table scraps - Carson would try to slyly slip unwanted bits of food, veggies and such, things he didn't want to eat, to Rambo -- and when Carson thought I wasn't looking, he'd be drinking out of Rambo's water dish. Rambo took in all in stride, his was so gentle and watchful of Carson. Even after Rambo was sick, he still hung out with Carson, putting up with his toddler antics. Just last week I glanced out the window to see Carson curled up next to Rambo and, get this, chewing on this puppy-claws. 

I could go on and on with stories. Stories about how he peed on my basil plant pretty regularly, but it wasn't until near the end of the harvesting season that I discovered it. Stories about how he chewed through who knows how many leashes and ruined shoes left on the deck overnight. I would get so frustrated with him at times. But he was a loyal friend, a faithful running buddy. Just like Carson thinks the bank drive-thru is all about free suckers, Rambo thought the bank was a doggy-treat vending machine because the tellers were always sending something out for him. 
I know he was just a pet, but he was our pet. And now that he is gone our house seems quiet, our family small. Carson keeps calling for "Bambo", wanting to play Frisbee or tug on his tail. He doesn't understand that Rambo won't be coming back home. And Herm and I, we are taking it just as hard. 
He was a good dog, the best dog. And we miss him sorely.


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