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I am a gift giving procrastinator. (Just ask my friend Lyndsi who just received a birthday present... five months too late.)
It's not because I don't like giving gifts, I do. It's not because I have the item on hand but keep forgetting to actually give it to the recipient, I don't. More often than not, it's because suddenly it is the day of the occasion - and even though I thought about it two weeks ago, because I didn't write it down, I completely forgot. I call it mom-brain, but that's a lame excuse and I realize it. I'm left scrambling, not sure what to get the person. 
There are a few people in my life, my friend Patty, my aunt Joyce, and others, who are gift giving rockstars. Whenever they hand you a beautifully wrapped package you know it's going to be good. But then there's me, someone who throws around ideas for the longest time, unsure if that is really what the person would like... 
So, to help those up us out who aren't rocking the gift giving department, I've put together a little cheat sheet.
P.S. The items that are bold +italicized are items I own and love. 

What about you: Are you a gift-giving rockstar or do you often find yourself unsure as well?


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