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Reading: Like crazy.
No, that's not the title of the book, I've just been reading non-stop lately. I thought that over the summer it would slow down, like it always does when there is a lot of other things going on. But then my sister introduced me to an app called Overdrive that allows you to connect with your library system. You can check out e-books, or place holds, all on your smart phone. I've been using it for books-on-audio, which means that while mowing the lawn or cleaning homes or working in my garden I'm still able to 'read'. 
My goal for the year was to read 12 books, and I'm already at 34. (And with this app, the list will only keep growing!) I have a few titles I'm excited to review, and a few I'm not so excited about yet have to review. But since there's more than one book to review, it'll happen in another post. 
Loving: This and this and this. All fair trade, of course. 
Dreaming: According to my facebook status this morning, quite well, thanks for asking. :)  
"You know all of those sleep training books, like Baby Wise and Sleep Solutions, the ones you read late at night while 9 months pregnant because you yourself can't sleep and you might as well learn to be the perfect mother? 
Well, I think all of that effort finally paid off. Last night was the first in almost 2 years that I didn't see 1 am or 2 am or 4 am or all of the above. 
I don't know that it has been working for Carson, but I think I might be sleep trained." 
Wishing: For another lavender iced coffee. Don't judge it until you've tried it.
Thinking About: A conversation I had the other day with a friend... 
We were sitting out on the deck, sipping cool drinks and soaking up the sunshine while our boys were playing together. As we were chatting we both admitted that we are learning that there is importance in getting out of the house and socializing, even if the laundry isn't caught up, even if the house hasn't been cleaned, even if the yard still needs mowed. Our to-do lists will never be completely crossed off. This is especially true as moms of little men, little men who create messes and laundry like its nobodies business.  It's wash, rinse, repeat, a vicious cycle that never ends. I feel like my type-A personality is relearning this every week. Get out of the messy house, wearing whatever you have that is clean. Even though the grass is tall and thick, still, get out. Make play dates and memories, the work will always be there... but the little men, before we know it they'll be learning to do their own laundry or be heading off to college or dating that cute little girl they loved to pick on as kids. Yes, get out. 
Listening: To the calm after a mid-morning rain shower combined with the calm during naptime. Lovely. 
Watching: This video. I love Story of this Life.
Trying: To refashion a couple of Punjabi's I picked up in India a few years ago.  I recently saw one worn as a tunic with leggings and a sweater. It was beautiful, and immediately I felt inspired to wear mine again, I just need to hem them shorter and sew them in a bit.

What are you currently up to?


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