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If I am really being honest with myself, the only thing that is holding me back is the fear of failing, of trying this and it not being successful or what I had imagined and hoped for.
Even as my fingers hit keys typing those words in an email to a mentor, someone encouraging me to be more, I began to realize how silly it was. I was already failing by not even trying because ultimately I was afraid of failure.
Sarah, even if you do fail, you will still have made a difference in someone else's life by sharing your heart and passion, and that is no failure. Jesus uses all things for His good.
Her response sparked something inside of me, a determination to try, to give it my all, and to accept that I am going to learn something from this, whether it goes on to become a successful venture or not.
The venture I am referring to is becoming an ambassador for Noonday Collection.
Noonday Collection is a fair trade company, partnering long-term with 30 artisan businesses in 12 different countries. They sell gorgeous handcrafted items, jewelry and accessories, enabling the artisans to have dignified jobs, even in vulnerable communities.
I found out about Noonday several years ago, but in the past year and a half I've been toying with the idea of becoming an ambassador. I kept talking myself out of it. There seemed to be a thousand reasons why it wouldn't work for me. But I couldn't let the idea go, it was constantly in the back of my mind. I finally realized that I will never know whether it'll work or not until I give it a try... so here I am.
There are several reasons why I was drawn to Noonday, and if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you probably know the first - I love fair trade! It's been something that has intrigued me for years, especially since living aboard and experiences other cultures, experiencing poverty first hand. But Noonday is also a huge advocate for adoption, something that has also touched my life in such a meaningful way. Because of adoption and a wonderful couple eagerly opening their hearts and home, there is a precious and not-so-little-anymore  Jamaican boy and his sister who have loving parents who are involved in their lives. I spent an entire year caring for that then-little boy, praying desperately that God would bring a forever family to love on him, to raise him and teach him right from wrong.
My prayers were answered, above and beyond what I could have hoped or imagined. But I know that it wasn't without lots of commitment, of time and finances, of emotions and heartbreak, that these children now have a mommy and a daddy.
My hope is that by partnering with Noonday Collection as an ambassador of their products, I will be able to lessen some of the stress in other families working on adoption. You see, by hosting a Noonday trunk show - basically a fun get-together with your girlfriends, where you try on and style each other in the gorgeous pieces - you can either earn rewards toward products or you can put that reward money towards your adoption!
I am so excited about these beautiful products. But even more than the gorgeous items, I love the stories of hope and redemption found for so many through Noonday. You see, purchasing from Noonday means that the artisans who create these products earn a living wage. It means they can afford to send their children to school, dressed in crisp uniforms with bellies full. It means that instead of selling her body, you are empowering a young woman with the option for a dignified job, one she can be proud of. Instead of handouts and charity, you are enabling someone somewhere to earn a living and feel accomplished and good about what they do through your purchase.
In a way when you buy and wear Noonday items you are spreading the Gospel, and you look good doing it!
Am I still nervous about this new venture? Yes. Those reasons, all one thousand of them, are still spinning in my head, telling me why this won't work out. But there is one reason that tells me it might... and that reason is that we are ready for change. Ethical fashion is something that so many of us are aware of, but a lot of us don't know where to begin.
Start with Noonday!
I would love to present Noonday Collection to you and your friends through a fun trunk show or through the website or a lookbook.
If this is something that you are interested in learning more about, please let me know!
I truly believe that by being aware of how products are created, by casting vote for ethical treatment of others every time we spend our money, we can build a better world where children are cherished, people have jobs, women are empowered, and we are connected.  


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