It's Time to Speak Up

It's Time to Speak Up|sarahesh.com
Words haven't been flowing lately.
I've tried time and again to force myself to write about what is so deeply pressing on my heart, but each time I attempt to express what I'm feeling the letters forming words on the page look jumbled and lifeless, anything but heartfelt.
I'm going to try again.
Generally I avoid controversial subjects on this blog. My longing is that women from all walks of life, from diverse cultures and backgrounds, ethnicity's and religions would feel encouraged and inspired here. But what I've been struggling through lately is a matter of life or death.
I can no longer keep silent.
A few weeks ago, in horror I watched as human life was valued by body part and gender. In the name of science our society has deemed the slaughtering of life okay.
And in the days that followed, I've heard arguments from people who say that abortion is going to happen regardless, so why not recycle those organs for medical experiments? As though this could somehow redeem killing innocent babies.
We make excuses and try to reason why abortion might be justified. What about women's rights? If the mother's health is a risk, shouldn't she be able to choose? In cases of rape or incest wouldn't it be better if the child wouldn't be born? In underprivileged homes or when the possibility of mental or physical retardation is high, wouldn't it be better if birth never happened?
Friends, we don't have to look far back to realize that history is repeating itself. We are living in a Holocaust that is claiming innocent lives by the thousands daily. 
Those horrifying video clips are the beginning of an end. I truly believe that abortion clinic death camps will be shut down, that in years from now we will look back and mourn for lives claimed there. We will grieve that in the name of science, experiments where preformed on infants, just like in the name of science Jewish children were slaughter. 
We have to take a stand. We have to fight for what is good and right and moral. Now is the time!
But friends, if we are going to take a stand against abortion, we also have to open up our hearts and our homes. If we are truly pro-life we need to take action. Whether it's by volunteering at pregnancy care centers, befriending mothers and fathers who are living with grief and heartbreak after going through abortions, giving financially to those in the process of adopting, or welcoming into our homes with open hearts and arms the children in foster care. 
There are many, many ways to get involved, to make a difference, to end this Holocaust claiming victims daily. Instead of just speaking out against abortion,  I challenge you and I challenge myself to take action, to show love, to be advocates for those who cannot speak for themselves.
We are seeing the beginning of an end, and it is time to take action.


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