Thrifting Tips + $20 Promo Code

Shopping is one of my least favorite activities. The main reason? You've got to spend money to get anything. And I'm a penny-pincher, in love with Madewell and Anthropologie styles. It's frustrating folks!
Because of my desire to have high quality items at lower prices, I've become a thrifter. The area I live in is blessed with second hand stores, anything ranging from Salvation Army and the Once Again Shoppe, both donation based ministries, to  The Looking Glass and Clothes Mentor, shops buy and sell used and vintage clothing. 
Ithaca, a small college town about an hour away is a thrifter's paradise, with over 42 second hand stores and a beautiful map located each store and listing what they sell. 
In an area so rich with second hand resources how could you not thrift?
Over the years I've learned a few tips and tricks that have worked well for me, and I thought I'd let you in on them:
  1. Know your brands, and what you are willing to pay for each one. For example, I would hesitate to pay more than $5-8 for a pieces from Target, because most likely I could have purchased the same piece at Target on clearance for that price. However, if it was a piece from J. Crew or Anthro that caught my eye, it wouldn't be a question.
  2. Know what items are on your list and stick with it. I have a running list of items that need replaced or items I would like to add to my closet. When I am thrifting, it is those items I'm searching for, and I try hard not to let any else distract me. If I am searching for black jeans, I would only look in that section of the pants rack, and not sort through all of the other washes of denim. 
  3. Know your fabrics and read the labels. This one has gotten me a few times, so I know how important it is. Know what kind of fabrics you like, and whether they can be washed or not. It's so frustrating to bring something home, only to realize after it's too late that the item was DRY CLEAN ONLY. 
  4. Make sure the item fits well. I know it can be easy to justify a $2 not-quite-perfect-fitting top, hoping that you'll figure out a way to wear it. But let me tell you, whether it's $2 or $20, if you are never going to wear it, it's still a complete waste of money. Make sure the item fits, and that you love it, not just like it, before you bring it home. 
  5. And finally, know what items to invest in. For me this would be comfortable shoes and sandals, which I always buy new (unless they are new when thrifted), a good leather bag, and jeans. I also find that t-shirts from second hand stores usually look faded or are pilling, so I get those new too. 
And one more thing:
I recently discovered ThredUP, an online consignment store. I had heard about it before, but it seemed endless and a bit overpriced, so I never checked into it. Then a friend shared a $20 off your first order link on Facebook, so I decided to check it out again. I found an Anthropologie sweater that was priced at $20.99, so with the $20 credit I was able to get it for $0.99 plus shipping. 
But the deal got even better than that! Listen up. If you shared the link, your friends would get $20 off their first order AND you would get $20 just for referring them. I shared that link, and so far I have over $100 in store credit, and it's only growing each day. This is for a limited time, so jump on it! Use this link (http://www.thredup.com/r/RGHB9S) to get started with $20 in credit, then after you purchase something, share your own link on Facebook for more credit. There are no obligations, and no strings attached.
ThredUP has clothes for men, women, and children. Both item I've received so far have been like-new, and very high quality. I can't get over this deal, it's too good not to share.
I'd love to hear your thrifting tips, and I'd also like to know what items you invest in. Comment away!


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