My Favorite Day (and a giveaway!)

My Favorite Day | sarahesh.com
One of my favorite memories from last summer happened on a gorgeous Monday morning in June.
The night before, my sisters-in-law, who were visiting for the weekend, told me that I was suppose to go out for a couple of hours the next morning and do whatever I pleased. While I was gone, they would babysit Carson and clean my house.
I was shocked and delighted, and wasn't even sure how to spend this rare free time - It had been six months since I truly had time to myself, where there was nothing else on the agenda.
While shopping certainly isn't something I consider a lot of fun, the thought of going into a dressing room without a little baby was appealing - and besides, my postpartum wardrobe needed some help. So I spent my free time in and out of dressing rooms until I couldn't stand it any longer (think minutes, not hours), then I grabbed coffee and a pastry at Starbucks with money that was sent along for me, found a table in the middle of the hubbub of college students studying and mid-morning runners refueling and old-timers reminiscing their teenage years, and started writing things of thankfulness in a blank new journal.
I came back, refreshed, to a clean house and folded laundry, and to a happy baby who was contentedly watching his Aunt Su wash our truck.
When I think back over the summer that lovely day always comes to mind.
I'm telling you this story to explain the giveaway. Today, April 6, marks one year since I started this blog. Today's post is also number 50! It might not seem remarkable to you, but considering my history with blogging, it is a big deal to me. To celebrate the occasion, I am giving away a few things that might help you have a day sort of like that Monday I had. While I can't necessarily come babysit your children, clean your house, fold your laundry, and wash your truck, I will give you a gift card for coffee and pastry or two, a journal for writing things of thankfulness, some Fair Trade dark chocolate that I just can't get enough of, and some nail polish to ready your toes for sandal season!
To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below telling me how you would spend the morning if you had several hours of uninterrupted time alone. This giveaway will be opened for one week, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 14.
My Favorite Day | sarahesh.com

We have our winner. Jenn Horning, your name was the one selected from the drawing! Congratulations! 
Thank you to everyone who participated - It's so fun to read all of your comments on how to spend free time, and it's pretty obvious that coffee is what fuels us. ;) 


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