Maybe I am a Foodie

Maybe I am a Foodie | sarahesh.com
For several weeks I've been wanting to blog about this, but before I wrote a post, I had to make sure this wasn't some passing phase, because - I think I might be turning into a foodie. 
Yes, me, the girl who doesn't really enjoy cooking, and who dreads 5:30 pm, because so often at that time I still don't know what we are having for dinner.
It all began when Herm and I decided we wanted to start eating a bit healthier during race training. It wasn't that we ate poorly before, but there is certainly always room for improvement and we wanted to put effort into it to see if it would help with "free speed". (Being able to run faster without training a lot harder.)
I researched a few recommended diets for runners, and liked what I saw from the Paleo lifestyle. The ingredients were things I almost always have on hand. The changes weren't very drastic ... so I started trying recipes I found on Pinterest. Our favorite dishes were almost always from the blog, Against all Grain.
I had a gift card to Barnes & Noble, and for the first time in my life, I purchased a cookbook! Meals Made Simple, by, of course, Danielle, from Against all Grain.
What I didn't know until I had the book in hand is that it includes eight weeks worth of meal plans and a shopping list that covers all of the groceries you will need for each week, which makes dinner prep a breeze. Since the arrival of the book five weeks ago I haven't dreaded the 5 o'clock hour more than a time or two!
I thought it would be fun to cook my way through the book, sort of Julie and Julia style, for one of my 24 before 25 goals. However, at the rate I am going, that'll be accomplished before my twenty-forth birthday. There hasn't been a recipe we didn't care for so far. And the sweet potatoes... oh my goodness, we can't get enough of them. I've made them at least six times. Leftovers (if there are leftovers) are served with an egg or two for breakfast. I will share the recipe in another post soon, I promise.
This is a book that I would recommend highly - especially if, like me, you want to eat healthy, flavorful meals, but you don't want to spend hours per day preparing them.


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