Chocolate + Peanut Butter Avocado Shake

I don't know about you, but I am always hungry. 
Lately it's become even worse than normal. I blame it on the fact that I am race training and nursing a child. To me, that sort of justifies all of the snacks I eat throughout the day. 
I always try to eat a clean and healthy diet, but it's especially crucial now, as I am training for the Seneca 7 and working hard to improve speed and performance. To me, that means eating a lot of fresh vegetables and protein, along with a small amount of fresh fruit every day. It also means that I avoid or drastically limit the amount of grain and sugar I consume. 
We've been eating a modified version of the Paleo diet for the past few weeks, and so far it has been amazing. 
However, sometimes all I want is something rich and thick and smooth and creamy and all of the other adjectives that would describe a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. 
Yesterday was one of those days. 
So, I threw a few ingredients in the blender and hoped for the best. And let me tell you, it was tasty. And I'm guessing if you would have had a sip, you wouldn't have been able to tell that what you were slurping on was avocado and dates and bananas. There was no ice cream or extra sugar involved. 
The original recipe comes from Danielle, of the blog Against all Grain. But in typical Sarah fashion, I glanced over the recipe and changed it up to fit the ingredients I had on hand. 
It was prefect for our snowy first day of spring!
Chocolate + Peanut Butter Avocado Shake
  • half an avocado
  • one ripe banana
  • three dates or a bit of honey
  • three ice cubes
  • two tablespoons peanut or almond butter
  • 8 oz whole milk or almond milk
  • two tablespoons cocoa powder (I used dark cocoa powder)
Throw all of the ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth and creamy.
If you try it, please let me know what you think of it.


  1. Thanks...Making it today! I do use cacao powder, though, for even more health benefits. Will it be Peruvian or Dominican Republic?? Unlike some people, I only travel through my cacao powders. ;-)