14. Hand Write a Note to Someone Who Inspires You

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There are so many women who have spoken into my life in one way or another, shaping me into who I am and chiseling me into who I am becoming.
We are fluid beings, always changing, influenced, more than we realize, by those who we surround ourselves with.
I feel so blessed by the crowd that surrounds me -- the grandmothers and mothers and aunts and sisters and friends --  those who are open and honest with me, who encourage and inspire me, who make me think about who I am, what my purpose in life is, and how I am fulfilling it. They are the ones I will laugh with in seasons of joy, and they are also the ones who I will turn to when life is hard and joy seems hard to find.
These dear ladies are precious to me, but all too often I don't take the time to thank them and let them know just how they have influenced me.
I should buy a box of note cards and each week write a thank you to someone who impacted me, and maybe I will. (That would be a good thing to add to the next list, the 24 before 25 list.) But in order to cross number 14 off of the list, I just wrote one.
If you, too, have friends in your life who are shaping you into a better version of yourself, why don't you let them know? Maybe buy some truffles, the coco-dusted kind from Ghirardelli, and package the goodies in a pretty box with a ribbon. Gift that, along with a card that explains just why you so appreciate the friendship, to the person(s) who impacted you for the better.
Life is too short to leave important words unsaid. Seize the moment and say thank you.


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