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Reading: A lot of books! But the book I am going to tell you about is called Make It Happen by Lara Casey.
When I first selected this book, I did so because it was a book that was recommended on a few blogs that I follow. Imagine my surprise when the book arrived in the mail and I flipped through it, realizing that I had already heard about Lara's story. She was interviewed on a podcast that I had listened to several months ago. I remember the interview so vividly because Lara speaks with such passion as she tells her story.
The book is meant to be interactive with the reader, offering journal prompts and other ways to take action. I didn't follow the prompts, and I think that I probably would have gotten more out of it if I had -- so I need to read this again. However, in the last half of the book, Lara shares how she had been working on her business, Southern Weddings, hours on end, often working seven days per week. Her marriage was suffering because of it, and she knew something had to change. She established new "office hours" and began to limit time spent on social media and her blog. It wasn't an over-night turnaround, but slowly she began to reap the benefits of this. Her marriage completely changed, and because of the shift in Lara's life, her husband wanted to know what made her different. He started to join her at church and two months after she gave birth to their daughter, he gave his life to the Lord! Her business flourished after she started limiting time at work too, because she was more focused and intentional when she was working.
While this book wasn't quite what I was expecting or hoping for, it was still good and worthwhile. Lara's story was the final push I needed to start setting boundaries for myself with time spent online, which so far, has been refreshing and rewarding.
Note: This book was courtesy of BookLookBloggers.com in exchange for an honest review.
Loving:  Ever Be by Bethel Music. Actually, the entire album is amazing, but I'm especially fond of Ever Be, because whenever it comes on Carson gets all excited and starts to dance, which is basically the cutest thing I ever saw.
Dreaming: About our upcoming family getaway to Lake Placid. Most folks head south in the middle of winter, but we've decided to go further north. We've rented a really cute cabin and we're hoping to get snowed in for a few days. Summertime is crazy, especially for Herm with work, so we decided to take vacation a few months early and I couldn't be more excited about it!
Wishing: My house had porch swings like this. The Brawner's entire home is fabulous. You should probably check it out.
Thinking About: Making something like this for Carson. I'm pretty sure he would love it.
Listening: To books on audio, since it is one of the ways that I can actually "read" a book and still get other stuff done too. Win. Win.
Watching: Tutorials on Youtube: to learn how to curl hair with a flat iron; to learn how to run my DSLR camera; to learn how to get 6-pack abs.
I like Youtube.
Trying: To get a few more things crossed off that 23 before 24 list before summer happens. I really want to accomplish all of the items on the list, so I know that I need to focus now on the things that don't require warm weather, such as making mozzarella from scratch and participating in a group workout and learning basic floral arrangement, so that when the busyness of summer and fall hit, I'm already ahead of the game
What is "currently" going on in your life? Leave a comment and tell me about.
Have a great weekend!


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