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Are you an avid blog reader?
I don't have a huge list of blogs I follow, but there are a few that I absolutely love and read regularly. My personal favorites are ones where I know the blogger or  have some sort of connection to her. But there are others that I just stumbled upon and have been following along ever since.
If I were to narrow it down to a list of my ten most loved blogs (in no particular order), it would probably look something like this:
Sometimes Sweet  //  This is one of those blogs that I stumbled upon. I don't know how I first found Sometimes Sweet, but I definitely love following along as Dani shares snippets of her life as a mom of toddlers. After reading a few of her "Currently" posts, I followed suit and added "Currently" posts to my blog as well.
Beautiful Undefined // Alicia has the ability to put a lot of feeling and emotion to what she writes, whether its a post about her favorite food or something  deeper and more heartfelt such as overcoming personal fears and struggles. She is a wordsmith, and every post she crafts is lovely. She is also a soon-to-be-Momma and I am so excited to meet her Little One.
Down South Yankee // Patty is basically super woman. She is a licensed cosmetologist and is the one who cuts my curls. She is crafty, but in a good way. Like, she probably could out-knit your grandma any day. She has two adorable Boxer dogs, which is basically like having two very active toddlers, AND... she is making a baby!
Of the Town // I've only met Sarah a time or two, but I know if we would live closer to each other we would be great friends. She loves design, owns an Etsy shop, and is a youth pastor. Her blog is always fun to read, but I especially love her #blessed posts.
K8nicole // Kate is my sister, and she's the one who inspired me to start blogging regularly through her 20 before 21 list, which I copied with a 23 before 24 list when my birthday came around. She is one of the most creative people I know, and I'm perfectly okay with that, because since I am her sister, I benefit from it. :)
Skies of Parchment // Clarita writes beautifully about her life as a wife and mother. Even though our style in home decor is often quite different, I find a lot of inspiration in her creative and budget friendly home makeovers. Her home is stunning. I don't think I've ever met her personally, although I feel like I know her because I've followed her blog for several years, and I also know a few of her sisters.
Un-Fancy // Caroline has a capsule wardrobe of thirty-seven pieces, including shoes and outerwear. Hers is the only fashion blog that I follow; I really like that she creatively uses the same pieces in heavy rotation, making new outfits every time. She has inspired me to be more creative with my minimal wardrobe, as well as putting more thought into what I purchase, reminding me that quality always trumps quantity.
The Merry Thought // I discovered this blog about a week or two ago, and I'm so impressed by it. The three ladies who run the blog live in western New York, not too far from me. They post DIY projects and tutorials, delicious recipes, and tidbits on family life. Check it out!
Babyccino Kids // If you're a Momma to Littles, you don't want to miss this blog, or the shop that goes along with it.
The Lily Field // I've never met Brittany, but can't get enough of her writing. She talks about marriage and motherhood in such an open and honest way. She is raising two handsome and energetic little men and one precious baby girl, who is adored by her big brothers.
I'd love to hear about your favorite blogs: Feel free to share their links in the comments below!


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