Serving the Eviction Notice + What I'm Currently Up to Until the Tenant Complies

Photos taken by Katelyn Weaver

I am in week 39 of my pregnancy, and while I am not overdue yet, it sort of feels like it simply because Carson was born 10 days early - a marker I've already passed. This whole "due date" stuff can drive one crazy, and I know it's just a date, one that most babies don't actually arrive on, so I keep telling myself that May is the birth month and there is no date on the calendar I should become too set on. Babies arrive when they are ready, as my mom reminded me just this morning. In the mean time, I have been trying to stay busy just to keep myself occupied.

Here are a few of the things I've been currently up to...

Reading: Ah, so many books! Carson has been pulling out a few of his favorites - We're Going on a Bear Hunt, Thomas the Tank Engine, and anything Richard Scary - again and again and again. But I've also had time to read a few titles just for me too. Several that I would recommend are: Love Does by Bob Goff, People Over Profit by Dale Partridge, and if you want something completely out of the ordinary, A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. (This book does contain strong language.)
Loving: Kombucha, which my mom has been generously supplying for me. She brews her own and flavors it with things like grape juice, fresh raspberries, and ginger. Since a nice glass of wine isn't an option right now, this stuff has been hitting the spot when I want a drink with a bit of pizzazz to it. I've been drinking red raspberry leaf tea by the quart for the past several months (it's great for pregnancy), and now that I have kombucha I like to mix the two for a deliciously refreshing afternoon treat.
Dreaming: About having this baby. Yup, my thoughts, both day and night, are literally consumed by this child. Last night the baby came when I was at the house of an acquaintance of mine. Thank goodness my midwife was somehow there too. :)

Wishing: That the baby would arrive.

This is turning into such a boring post. My apologies. 
Thinking About: I could say "All things baby!", but since this post is already consumed by that, I will instead mention the project - #100DaysOfCarsonAndMia - my sister, Kate, is working on over on Instagram. I've been thinking about that and just how fun it is. If you haven't already, visit her account, hit follow, and enjoy seeing the sketches she shares daily of Carson and his puppy, Mia. 

Listening: To many, many podcasts, as usual. I've been walking 1-2 miles on the treadmill every day, and have been cleaning all the nooks and crannies of my house, as well as mowing the lawn and doing yard work - anything to stay busy and active in the period of waiting... and podcast have been keeping me company.

A few that I've recently started listening to are: Coffee + Crumbs and At Home - both are about mothering, and so far share perspectives that I love. 

What have you been currently up to? (And from personal experience, does Castor Oil really work?) 


  1. I love your blog posts Sarah!! have been wanting to comment & wish you well as labor & delivery must be getting close!!! I hope and pray that it all goes smooth! And about the castor oil, i have never tried it, heard from other who have..its kinda one of those things it will either put you in labor IF your body is ready or else give you serious diarrhea.. i hope you don't need to try it! I have 5 weeks to go yet, and in a very uncomfortable stage..baby girl in ribs,feels like i gotta pee ALL THE TIME. but it will all be worth it, breathe deep!! Blessings~ Jeanette Horning