Friday afternoon Herm asked if I had planned out what we would have for supper yet; I hadn't. He then suggested that we go on a family date to Kindred Fare, a new farm-to-table style restaurant we had heard only rave reviews about. While we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little one we've been trying to make the most of this period of waiting by doing fun little outings, things won't be as easy once the child does arrive, whenever we get the chance. I quickly agreed to that idea. As we were heading out the door Carson insisted on wearing his "Arnge Shoes" -- orange flipflops that fail to stay on even though they have an elastic band that stretches around the backs of his feet. Just minutes after being seated at our table the flipflops were kicked off. I let him go barefoot the rest of the meal, but when we stopped at Walmart on our way back home he had to put the flipflops back on. Running across the parking lot to the Lawn + Garden entrance, Carson lost the one for his right foot. That didn't stop him though, so I picked it up and off we went, with one shoe on and one shoe off. A sales clerk stopped him shortly after we entered the store, asking where his shoe was. Without even missing a beat, he looked directly at her and said, "I have a flat tire. I need a tow truck!" She and I both burst out laughing, and she told him that she used to drive a tow truck. Suddenly she became a hero in his eyes, and now, whenever he loses a shoe he tells me his tire is flat.

One night as I was tucking Carson into bed his little tummy rumbled slightly, and I asked him what was up. "Oh mommy," he replied, "It's just the baby kicking."

Ever since we found out that I was pregnant, Herm and I have both been very verbal with Carson, explaining to him that there is a baby growing in my belly and that he is now a big brother. I've taken him along to almost every appointment with my midwife, and together we listen to steady rhythm of the heartbeat. I press his hands against my stomach so he can feel the kicks, and I have tried to point out other babies, both of friends and of strangers, hoping that he will be able to grasp what is happening, and that this will make the transition from being an only child to having a sibling much easier. He seems to understand what is going on, and is so excited to meet the baby. Over the past several weeks there has been a lot of talk about the baby finally arriving, and I think he might have been catching on a little bit more than I realized, for one day after supper as I was cleaning up the kitchen and working on putting away the dishes he sat on a chair in the dining room chatting with me. Mid conversation he told me that the baby should be coming soon because my water broke!
I think perhaps he is learning too much about all of this while eavesdropping on adult conversations. And no -- just for the record my water is still very much intact.


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