23. Go Paddle Boarding

23. Go Paddle Boarding | sarahesh.com

23. Go Paddle Boarding | sarahesh.com
23. Go Paddle Boarding | sarahesh.com

Paddle boarding has been on my hit list for a good long time. I first discovered it in a Life in the Finger Lakes magazine, and ever since then I couldn't forget about it. I love anything to do with the outdoors, and usually what I would choose would be a bit more high energy and intense, but this looked leisurely, something that we could do as a family. 
So paddle boarding was added to the list
But summer came and life was busy and it just didn't happen... until yesterday. Herm took part of the day off for Labor Day, so we headed up to Rochester first thing in the morning. We stopped at Pour Coffee Parlor, a favorite spot of ours, for a breakfast of Lumber Jacks and Lumber Long Johns and Panamanian pour-overs. From there we to Bay Creek Paddling Center, where the fun began. 
Carson was so excited to go on a 'boat'. He could hardly stand the wait as we filled out paper work and signed a few legal forms. Finally, all was set and we were off. 
None of us had gone paddle boarding before, but it is quite simple, and we were off without much hassle.  Carson started out on my board. He sat near the front and as we began to move along he got more and more brave. First reaching his hand into the water, then dangling one foot, and finally both. Just as I was about to warn him that he was going to fall in if he got any closer to the edge, he slipped off the board and went for a little swim. 
I jumped in after him, and once we were both back on the board, he sat in the very center, hardly moving for at least five minutes. But eventually he ventured out again, this time dragging only a foot or a hand in the water, and hanging on just a bit tighter. 
Irondeqoit Bay is the perfect place to go, because there are waterways through the marsh, and you can also head out towards Lake Ontario for more open space. 
We rented the boards for an hour, and the time went by far too fast. Carson wasn't ready to say good-bye, and neither was I. 
From there we made a few more stops, included Pittsford Farms Dairy & Bakery for some delicious ice cream and milkshakes, before we headed back home again.
It was such a perfect family outing, and I will eagerly tell you that if paddle boarding looks like something you would enjoy, get out there and make it happen!
Now... on to our naps!
23. Go Paddle Boarding | sarahesh.com


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