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Christmas is right around the corner.

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I know this because my email inbox is overflowing with holiday gift ideas and last minute sales and free shipping offers. I know this because friends keep mentioning how good it feels to have all their gifts purchased and wrapped already. I know this because I've barely started shopping.

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a gift-giving procrastinator.

I realize that I am really not the most qualified person to write a gift guide. However, being less-than-qualified isn't going to stop me from sharing a few of my favorite gift ideas...

I love fair trade. I love knowing that what is being purchased is giving back to a person, a family, a community. I also love homemade and the time and thought that was put into the item to be gifted. 

So without further ado, here are the ideas you have all been waiting for:

Mamuye Tote // Live FashionABLE

Blue Waters Mug // Ten Thousand Villages

Chunky Scarf // Homemade

Earrings // Noonday Collection

The Irene Wallet // Live FashionABLE

Dark Chocolate // Amazon

Brown Sugar Scrub // Homemade

Baby Hat // Homemade

Thomas Train Table // Homemade

If you need even more ideas search #giftwell on Instagram.

And there you have it! I feel like my Christmas shopping is already finished. :)


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  2. Alter Eco! Yes!! (But, from Vitacost - less than half the price) I bet Herm is making that train table, isn't he??
    If anyone is interested in ordering from Vitacost, let me know, I can refer you and we'll each save $10.

    1. Thanks for the head's up! I will let you know if I plan to place an order from them.
      Yes, Herm is going to make the train table. We looked at several with plans of buying one, but they didn't pass durability code for my carpenter husband. His will be much better, I know.