New Year, New Post

These photos were taken by my friend Lyndsi of LYNDSI Photography. This is one of my favorite photo sessions to date. In spite of the rain and cold, Lyndsi managed, like she always does, to capture a beautiful story through the power of imagery. If you'd like to see more of her work, click here

It's been there for months now, this burning desire to spend time punching keys, arranging letters to form sentences. It's been there for months now, this longing to write.

So here I am, feeling a bit out-of-sorts, I've been away for so long.

One of my three goals for this new year, is to blog at least once per month. In order to jump back into this space, I think I need to update you on the biggest change in our lives!

So here it goes...

Since I last wrote, I gave birth to a wonderful little boy named Jack. He's almost seven months old now and is absolutely adored by his two older siblings. Jack attentively studies Carson, learning his tricks, eager to join in his escapades. He loves Brooklyn too, but she overwhelms him with her brisk and wild ways, and he prefers a bit of distance between them. 

Jack, though his personality is sweet and laid back, has been my hardest baby thus far. The first three months he was colicky, at times it seemed like the crying might never end. He eventually out-grew that, but still he isn't very content unless someone is holding him. This has caused the past seven months to feel like a blur in my memory, and has caused me to become extremely grateful for naps, no matter how long they last. 

I am beginning to find my footing as a mom to three... I think. I say this with hesitation, though, because as soon as I find a new rhythm things seem to change. Being a mom is hard and wonderful, equally. It's a paradox of feeling and fact, of smooth sailing and a boat sinking.

There are days though, when things are going well, and it does feel like I can start to dream audacious dreams again. Sometime in 2018, when I wasn't writing at all, and all of my goals seems at a stand-still, one of my very wise friends said that perhaps what I am learning in the season of raising little kids will be what I am able to later write about. I clung to those words, grateful for that hope. So, here I am, back to writing. I plan to check in at least once a month, because those audacious dreams of mine--dreams of becoming a paid writer!--require mundane faithfulness if they are ever to happen. 

If you're still around, thank you for being here!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy your writings and feel like I can identify with you a bit- not because I’m missing being able to write, but because I’ve had a rough 4 months with my newest little guy. I’m also longing to start doing things that I love again and it’s good to know that it comes in time... and that others experience these intense childcare times too! Keep writing! I enjoy your perspective!

    1. Thank you, Tamara! This means so much to me, and I am so glad you shared.
      I feel like most every mom has experienced similar feelings, as there are some intense, all consuming moments in mothering. But they are moments, and they pass. I hope you soon are able to find time for creative work that is refreshing to your soul. And congratulations on a new baby! How wonderful!

  2. I'm excited about you being back and making it a goal to write more regularly. I always love reading what you write. And these winter family pictures are simply stunning.

    1. Thank you, Ervina. I'm glad to be back here again too. I wish you would start a blog... because I know I would love to read your thoughts on life too. You have such a way with words.