Happy Father's Day to Our Favorite

Dear Herm,

I'm sure there should be a more eloquent way to start a letter like this, but I know you like things simple and straightforward.

There are many other good men out there, but never in a million years could I have imagined that the man who would father my children would be as good of a man as you.

Why you waited so long to get married; why you noticed me -young, only 19- and took a chance at a relationship, some days still baffles me. Yet I am sure grateful you did!

I recently heard a bit of advice given to someone still single: When looking for a marriage partner, choose someone who you would be thrilled to have your kids grow up to be like.

I can say, without a doubt, I would be proud of Carson and Brooklyn following in your footsteps.

There are so many things I love about the way you Father...

For instance:

  • I love how much attention you pay to what your kids are saying. When you walk into the room their eyes light up because they feel known and heard.
  • I love how you read, endlessly, to Brooklyn. Book after book after boring board book.
  • I love how you are teaching Carson to cherish the future Love of his Life by showing him through example what cherishing means. He's been bringing me field-picked flowers and I love you post-it notes, something he has learned by watching you. 
  • And... how you are cherishing Brooklyn as well, showing her what true love looks like. When working with money, bankers study the real stuff so that they can easily spot a fake. In the same way, because Brooklyn already knows that true love looks like it'll be a whole lot easier to sense someone who is looking out for their own interests and doesn't genuinely care for her. 
  • You are exceedingly generous. The kids and I, daily, feel that. 
  • I love your jokes, even if at times they aren't very laughable. Your sense of humor is something that was passed on to both of our kids. 
  • I love that you are consistent and steady, an extremely hard worker and integrous business owner, yet you always, always make time for us. 
  • And the daily rituals you have, of taking the kids on 4-wheeler rides, of waving to the little faces pressed flat against the window pane before you leave for work, of bedtime snacks and I love you kisses, they melt my heart.
  • You prioritize vacationing, often booking the next one almost as soon as we returned home from the last. My tendency is toward skimping to save money, but you are teaching me that investing time and money into making memories together as a family is always worth it. Always. Years from now, when the kids are grown and on their own, I am believing that we will reap the benefits of this because our kids will have a rich history of time spent intentionally working to deepen relationships and have fun together. They will always be siblings, yes. But because of this, I think they will always be close friends too. 
You, Herm, are a good, good Father. You're modeling to the kids the love our Heavenly Father has toward us, always looking out for our best interests, even when, at times it may not feel like it. 

You balance out my mothering in the best way possible, and remind me of the long-term perspective, which in the day-to-day moments I can so easily miss. You are the yin to my yang, and I am forever grateful to have a man like you be the Super Hero our kids look up to most.

Thank you for being YOU.

Happy Father's Day, Love!


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