Say Yes to the Dress

We went on a date the other weekend.

For some people that wouldn't be news, they're good at regularly dating, weekly even. Embarrassingly for us, we couldn't even remember the last time we went on a date, sans kiddos.

But a dear friend had generously offered her time, and told me if I need a few hours off, I was suppose to let her know. (If you're looking for the perfect way to bless a mom-friend, do this! It beats chocolate bars and beautifully arranged bouquets of flowers, though those are highly valued as well.) Herm overheard her offer, and almost immediately scheduled a date night. Apparently he was feeling the need for some one-on-one time too.

He made reservations a few days in advance, and I spent all afternoon on that blessed Saturday primping.

You know that joke about taking a weekly shower after becoming a mom? It's not true for me; I still shower regularly. The joke in this case would have to do with shaving legs and grooming eyebrows. Excuse the pun, but it can get a bit hairy at times. (Including the few stray bow hairs hanging out on my chin - I disclosed that here.)

But gosh, it had been so long since we last went on a date, I was going to look the nines for that man of mine!

Silky smooth legs, slathered in raw Shea butter. Check. Eyebrows groomed and eyebrow hairs on the chin, plucked. Check. Check. Hair worn down, naturally curly, just the way he likes it. You better believe it! I even put on a bit of lipstick. Something I would have never worn back when we first were married. Herm isn't too sure what's been happening to me. He doesn't say a lot about that, except for when I wear dark red. Then he just says, wow, that sure is red, and leaves it at that.

You know that body-con dress I mentioned back in this post? I tried to make excuses why I should not wear that on our date. It was cold, after all, and jeans are so much warmer when its cold.
But Herm wasn't buying it. He hadn't seen me in that thing since our last date, and neither of us could remember when that was.

I was back in our room, still trying to decide if I would say yes to the dress, when he came in, phone in hand, Pinterest app open. On the screen was an outfit inspo photo. (Ladies, don't let your husbands get Pinterest. They'll use it against you!) Black dress, black tights, boots, and a denim jacket.

You've got all of those, babe. Wear the dress. 

I wore the dress.

We had such a delicious meal at Port's Cafe, a restaurant my Aunt Wilma had recommended. I got duck meatloaf. Ah, heaven! Just kidding, it was amazing, but I'm not a foodie. In a few months from now, I won't even remember what I ordered on this date, all I will remember was staring into the blue-grey eyes of the man I love, as we talked about some goals for the coming year and how date night needs  to become more of a priority, and of course, I'll never forget how he chose my outfit via Pinterest!

We decided not to order dessert at the restaurant, but rather go to the new coffee shop in town and split a pastry there. (After we first made out like teenagers in an empty parking lot.)

Out of luck. The coffee shop closes early on Saturday nights. Dunkin' Donuts? We considered it --we aren't haters of that place, after all, that is where he asked me out five years ago -- but in the end we decided to stop at the local college Starbucks.

Out of luck again. They were closed the whole month of January. I live less than two miles away; how did I not know this? I need to get out more.

So we came home. Back to our cozy house and rowdy kids and wonderful friend who offered her time to babysit.

And I came back, feeling more in love with the man I married. Reconnected, as we shared our dreams and hopes and even frustrations.

I'm not even sure how to wrap this story up, I mainly shared it because of how Herm manipulated me with Pinterest, bless his heart.

All of that to say though, we really do want to make dating more of a priority in our lives. And I would love to hear feedback from you: If you're married and have kids, what does dating your spouse in this season look like for you? How do you keep the romance alive? (Does he choose your outfits via Pinterest too, or is mine the rare exception?)


  1. I must say this is the first time I've ever heard of a husband using pinterest like that! It's amusing and sweet so thanks for sharing. :) Micah is good at remembering to date even if there are longish gaps between them. He is almost always the initiator. Although it seems like the gaps between dates are long I feel like we get baby sitters for the boys regularly (usually their Auntie) so we must be doing something...Another thing we do is just have regular weekend cuddles on the couch with the most exciting and action filled (for him) and least gory (for me) movie we can find.

    1. We use to do a movie night almost every weekend, but lately if we try it, one or both of us just end up falling asleep. We do spend a lot of time together as a family, which I think sort of feels like a "date" every weekend when we're all out together, but truly, there is nothing like one on one, uninterrupted conversation.
      Good for you guys, for making movie night a priority!

  2. I think that's so sweet that he picked out what dress he wanted you to wear! With two toddlers myself, I totally hear ya on the struggle to get date nights in, and I don't have any clever suggestions there, sorry. But I definitely just enjoy staying in with a movie and popcorn, and that could be considered a date too I guess.

    1. The whole point of date night is spending time together, right? So movie and popcorn definitely counts! It's hard, making sure it happens regularly. I've heard from several sources that it can become even harder as your kids are older and have after school schedules and activities. I guess it simply comes down to prioritizing your life -- and this, my marriage, is something I want high on my list!

  3. Awww... I'm so glad you guys were able to get out and go on a date! And YAY for wearing the dress! I'm glad your hubby talked you into it!

    1. He tries to talk me into that dress every time we go on a date. I think I should know by now that that is what he wants me to wear. Always. :)