A Few of My Favorite Things

At times, when I find something I absolutely love, something revolutionary, impacting my life for the better, I simply cannot keep quiet -- the whole world needs to know!

This post is solely about that, five things I've been loving lately:

1. Marie Lynn Skincare
Ever since late last summer when I found out I was pregnant, my skin has been flaring up, like that of a teenager who overdosed on french fries. At first I blamed it on cashews. I'm allergic to those tasty little nuts; after I eat them I am left this tiny pin-head sized blisters all over the roof of my mouth. And each time I eat them it seems to grow worse. I had sneaked a handful of snack mix, and I know I wasn't cautious enough. A few cashews went through my system and suddenly my whole face broke out.

Then I blamed it on the winter, on the dry air and our wood stove heat source. I sampled some moisturizers from Bare Minerals, but they didn't work. I tried a line from Simple, a product designed for sensitive skin, and the condition only grew worse, my skin burned every time I applied the lotion. I tried pure avocado oil, which felt soothing, but left me shinier than a copper penny, and in the end, I still had acne and flaky patches.

Finally, in desperation, I did what I should have done in the first place. I bought a bottle of Radiant balancing oil from an Instagram friend of mine, Sara, of Marie Lynn Skincare.

I got to know Sara because of Noonday Collection. She was an Ambassador for the company, and when I was still deciding whether or not I wanted to join I reached out to her about it. Since then Sara has started her own business, making natural skincare products. I've been stalking her business Instagram account (follow... it's beautiful!) for a while. After reading reviews for her balancing oil, I knew it was worth a try.

I've only been using it for a week, but already I can see improvement. My dry patches are getting less and less, and the scaring and redness left from acne is fading. In fact, I skipped foundation all of last week, which is something I NEVER do. I applied the oil first thing in the morning, then spot treated my face with concealer, and finally dusted a bit of blush and bronzer on top. My freckles shown through, and my skin looked more alive than it has in a while. I am excited to see how it keeps improving!

2. Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Powder
This goes right along with the skincare situation. I recently read that collagen not only is great for strengthening nails, but it is also wonderful for your skin and hair. I purchased Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen on Amazon (affiliate link) and began using it right away. I mix a tablespoon into my coffee every morning, along with a touch of cream and real maple syrup, or I'll throw a spoonful into shakes and smoothies. You can't detect it in the least, which makes consuming it easy.

A month later and my nails are stronger than they been in years. My skin is still a work in progress -- although I am 34 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and still no stretch marks. This could be the reason! Today I noticed a bunch of new hair growth, which means my already thick hair is becoming even thicker. My eyelashes seem longer too, but that could just be from mascara.

All this to say, if your hair, skin, or nails need some TLC, this stuff is worth a try!

3. The Modern Leather Tote
Noonday Collection just introduced their spring line -- which is absolutely gorgeous, by the way. While I didn't go crazy and purchase the entire thing, I did purchase their new leather tote with some product credit I had saved up. I didn't have any bags from Noonday for my trunk show displays, and I thought that of all of their totes and purses, this is one that will never go out of style. I'm hoping that my Noonday customers will see this tote and fall in love with it. :)

It is quite large, perfect to use as a brief case or diaper bag. (Husbands, I recently heard that "push presents" are a thing. Haha. Let me know if you need one for her!) The leather will darken as it ages, turning even more beautiful.

But my favorite part of all is the story behind this bag. This beautiful leather tote is handcrafted in India by one of the lowest castes in their society, the "Untouchables". These people face discrimination and poverty not because of things they done, but because of who they are, because they were simply born. Noonday Collection is helping these people rise above their circumstances by partnering with them to create jobs with fair, regular wages they can rely on. When you purchase and carry this bag, it isn't just a high quality investment for your wardrobe, it's the highest quality investment, you are investing into someone else's life and wellbeing. And that makes your purchase completely worth it!

4. The Help
This book is a must read. I've been listening to it on audio any chance I get, which means when I'm walking, or washing windows, or wondering what to make for supper. I watched the movie years ago, when it first came out, and I'm thinking that I'll probably watch it again, just as soon as I'm finished with the book

5. Schoola
Schoola is an online secondhand clothing retailer, selling gentle used items for women and children. All of their clothing is given by donation, and when you make a purchase, 40% of the proceeds go towards education for children.
If you sign up through this link you'll get $20 off your first order! And I'll get $20 too for referring you. The two items pictured I picked up completely free, thanks to a friend who shared her link with me. Now to see how many wears we can get out of this white tee shirt before Carson turns it into another color, because he's pretty good at that!

What are a few of your favorite, the whole world should know about, sort of things? I'd love to hear!


  1. Thank you for this! I am ordering some of that Collagen right away... I heard before that it works great for hair growth. I have horrible thin hair problems. And the thought of having less hair that what I have now at, say 35 or 40 is less than appealing to me! And my skin and nails could use something extra too so hopefully this helps!

    1. I do hope it works well for you, Ruth. I've been using it for about a month now; I first noticed a difference in my nails, probably within 1.5-2 weeks. It has been about a month now, and I am just now seeing growth in my hair. So take it faithfully, and give it some time!

  2. Just used your schoola referral! yay! (it only gave me a $10 credit, but still got me a good deal on an almost free dress!--thanks!)

    1. Thank you! I hope you love your dress! I just got an email from Schoola the other day stating that the $20/$20 referral program was for a limited time only, and now it's back to $10 again.

      Have you tried ThredUp yet? It's similar to Schoola with a referral program as well. I'll gladly share the link if you'd like to give it a try. I've gotten some really great pieces from them as well.

  3. Just used your schoola referral! yay! (it only gave me a $10 credit, but still got me a good deal on an almost free dress!--thanks!)

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