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Reading: Savor by Shauna Niequist
If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you most likely know that I love Shauna's writing. Often she puts to words things I have felt or experienced, but am not able to articulate well. I feel so inspired and encouraged and refreshed after reading her work. So naturally, when her book, Savor, was available to review, I immediately requested it. In the days that followed I eagerly awaited mail delivery and whenever the UPS truck would pull in the drive I would cross my fingers, hoping. Is that all there is? I asked, disappointed again, when Bill, our UPS driver, delivered four boxes, none of them addressed to me. Yup, that's it. You expecting something? A package for your baby? No, I shook my head, just a book. He looked at me, with what he probably thought was understanding and said, Yeah, I suppose you would need books to give you something to do at home all day. If looks could kill, he would have been wounded. But in typical UPS driver swiftness, he was already halfway down the drive, racing the clock to the next delivery, and failed to notice the glare.
After four long weeks, I came home one afternoon to find a small package on the stoop, addressed to me! Excited, I ripped open the box and spent a few minutes lingering, before I needed to head out for the rest of the day, eager to come home and curl up with a hot mug of Chai and get lost in the book.
Savor is different from other books by Shauna in that it is a 365 day devotional. Each day has a Bible verse and a small excerpt to go along with it. A lot of the stories she shares are taken from her other books.
I have been reading through it fast, maybe ten entries at a time, because I am reviewing it. But this will be a book that I keep on my coffee table and go back to time after time. Its beautiful and inspiring. Shauna has done well, again.
Note: This book was courtesy of BookLookBloggers.com in exchange for an honest review.
Loving: Days spent at home when the sun is shining and the yard needs mowed. The thrill I get from mowing the yard is ridiculous. 
Dreaming: To traveling again. Internationally. All three of us.
Wishing: For a few 'key' pieces in my closet. I'm loosely following Un-Fancy's capsule wardrobe for myself. Instead of having four distinct seasons, I decided to mix spring + summer and do the same with fall + winter. I've always had a relatively small closet, but by creating a capsule I have become more intentional about what I'm buying. I'm pretty boring when it comes to fashion, so I want to branch out a bit with a few trendy pieces, things that I always admire but am never brave enough to purchase.
A few of the pieces I would like for spring +summer are: this dressthese sandals, and this romper. Most of my closet comes from consignment stores and Salvation Army, and I don't plan to buy any of these items new, so wish me luck, okay? 
Thinking: About life and friendships. 
The past few weeks have been busy and stressful and tiring. Grief is hard work, it's exhausting. But throw on top of that a toddler who is feverish and clingy from teething, a dog that is very sick, and even the Vet doesn't know what is wrong, a lawn mower that breaks down just days after being serviced... and so on. I'd be lying if I said I'm taking in all in stride. But this week, instead of dwelling on all the gloom that's happened, I keep reminding myself of all the good - the cards of sympathy that arrived in the mail; friends who bring dessert, a delicious French rhubarb crisp, just because they can; a trip to the border to meet my Canadian friend, Lara, for a few hours of shopping and coffee, but mostly conversation; another friend who wakes in the middle of the night and begins praying for me at a time when I needed it most.
Yes, I am thinking about life and friendships. I am so blessed by those who I do life with. 
Listening: To the podcast Serial. Actually I finished the first season in just a few days, and I'm eager for the second season to come out. 
Serial, for those who aren't familiar with it, is a true story, told week by week. The season I listened to was an unsolved crime investigation that took place in Baltimore, MD, in the 90's. 
It is well done, intriguing and suspenseful. 
Watching: My Little Man grow. Someday's it feels like he sprouted two inches over night. What happened to my baby?
Trying: My hand at gardening! Herm built two 4' x 8' raised beds for me a few weeks ago. I begged to muck out my parents horse barn in exchange for the manure, and bought peat moss and vermiculite, and mixed it all together for nutrient-rich soil. Today I plan to stop at a local greenhouse for herbs and vegetables. I am determined to make this work. By the end of summer my can shelves will be filled with the fruits, or rather veggies, of my labor.

What are you currently up to?


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