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Little Man, seven months old already? And what a joy-filled seven months it has been!

I haven't done the most amazing job at documenting your little milestones. Although I attempted, the journal has only an entry or two and that list of "firsts" that I keep on my iPhone is outdated by a few months. I won't give up though... I am trying again.

At seven months you are very mobile, but crawling is too babyish for you and often you insist on grabbing on to my hands so that you can walk around. You have started to pull yourself up and you are really good at sitting up alone. Ice cream is your food of choice and you aren't very fond of the sweet potatoes I cooked for you; obviously you are your fathers child. 

I am almost certain your first word is 'Mama', although you haven't used it in context yet. (Stop saying it when you're looking at Rambo. Just stop.) You'll get there.

You are very high energy and can be headstrong. I hope you keep both of those traits throughout your childhood and into your adult life. I know that probably means a lot of extra work and prayer on the part of your dad and I, but when cultivated, those traits make for strong leaders and people of influence.

You are a happy little man. Except when you are teething. I am really hoping that tooth you are currently working on pops through soon - for your sake and mine.

You are the best little side-kick ever, always tagging along whether I am running or biking, gardening or cleaning, grocery shopping or cooking supper or just relaxing. You are teaching me more about God and His love for His children. Through guiding and teaching you I am learning... 

Like I said earlier, you have filled our lives with joy-overflowing. We treasure you.



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