Reading: Make Way for McCloskey, gifted to Carson by his Auntie Kate. This collection is nostalgic; I can still picture myself tucked beside my dad on the living room sofa as he read One Morning in Maine to me and my siblings. He worked hard from the crack of dawn until well into the evening on our dairy farm, so by eight or eight-thirty he was often dozing off. Mid-sentence his eyes would droop low and his head would hang forward. Dad, wake up, we would say, poking him hard. You didn't finish the story yet. You have to finish the story! Now I read those same stories to Carson. When his attention drifts else where, I will silently read the rest of that story before closing the book. Carson is only five months old, but I firmly believe one is never to young to appreciate the classics. I hope that some day, he too, has a love of reading.

Loving: This beautiful spring weather! Winter doesn't bother me, in fact I rather enjoy it. But this year it did seem to drag out a bit. Maybe it was because most of my days were spent at home since going out in single digit temperatures with a newborn isn't enjoyable. Maybe it was because I was training for this race and running outside wasn't happening as often as I would have liked. Or maybe it was simply because it was an unusually hard winter. No matter. Spring is here, and its here to stay. Flowers are beginning to bloom, and I've cut the grass several times now. Running first thing in the morning with Carson and Rambo is becoming somewhat of a ritual. And, my mom graciously watched Carson for me on several occasions so I could working in their vineyard. It was wonderful!

Dreaming: That I over slept for the garage saleing adventure in Syracuse with my friend, Patty, this morning. But when I woke up in a panic and glanced at the clock, it wasn't even 5 AM and I was no where near missing those fabulous deals. Whew.

Wishing: California wasn't so far away. This week I had a Skype date with my friend, Gina, who recently moved to Los Angeles. As a rule, I dislike talking on the phone or Skype, but even more than my dislike for those forms of communication is my dislike for the 2,637.7 miles between us, so I'll make exceptions to that rule. 

Thinking about: Mother's Day and just how incredibly blessed I am to be able to kiss my sweet boy, to comfort him, to nourish him, to love on him and watch him grow. In the five months since Carson was born, three couple-friends of Herm and I have had to give their babies back to God. My heart aches for those dear mothers, their arms empty this Mother's Day. I never want to take life for granted, it is fragile and wonderful and meant to be cherished. 

Listening: To podcast's and audio books while traveling, preparing dinner, cleaning, and gardening. I love to read, but have a really hard time sitting still long enough to get through books. So instead, I will often listen to them. Two recent favorites were A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and Marriage + Covenant by Kris Vallotton.

Watching: Nothing at the moment, but tomorrow night I am joining some lady-friends to go see Mom's Night Out. While I'm not much of the movie watching type, this one promises to be fun, and I have a feeling we all will be able to relate to it. =)

Trying: To stick with my workout routine even though the Seneca7 is over. Signing up for a race while pregnant was one of the best fitness decisions I've made. I ran the Seneca7 last year as well, but I was eight weeks pregnant at the time, so I didn't push myself as hard as I could have. This year I wanted to do well; I wanted to keep up with or stay very close behind the rest of my all male teammates paces. Like I said earlier, winter was especially hard this year, and I wasn't willing to run out-of-doors with my newborn unless it was above the 20 degree mark and not windy outside. In New York days like that are rare, so I had to improvise. Instead of running hard every day, I added a lot of HIIT workouts and kettlebell workouts to my routine along with yoga and core. It worked! I was able to run even faster than I could run before I became pregnant! Now that the race is over, I don't want to lose momentum or motivation. Maybe I should sign up for another race to keep me going?

Happy weekend!


  1. Well, now, I'm slightly more motivated to drag my ba-donk-a-donk into working out more. Ugh, I hate it, but you make it sound wonderful! :) Jumping jacks during our movie tonight? :)

    1. The workout I got from belly-laughing was better than jumping jacks, hands down. Such a fun movie. I want to watch it again.

  2. I love your blog. Please squeeze out more posts between teething, sleepless nights, and laundry.

    1. We're in this blogging business together, right? So where is an updated post from you?