The Third Time's the Charm

Blogging.  Its a love/hate relationship that I have with that thought.  I love reading blogs, there are even a few that I follow almost stalkerishly.  (Sorry spell check, but I just made up that word.)  But when it comes to actually keeping a blog myself I fail miserably.  Every. Single. Time.  First it was an Xanga site, back in the days before Facebook.  That one was filled with cute pictures of weekend road trips and volleyball games. Once in a while I'd share a story about my life adventures.  At fifteen, every thing in life needed to be an adventure or else it was b-o-r-i-n-g.  Fast forward about six years or so to my Wordpress site.  Young and newly married and spending every bit of free time working on DIY projects around our fixer-upper home with my husband.  Once a project was finished we would high-five each other, only to realize that we were so excited to tackle those said projects that we forgot to take before/after pictures.  So I started a blog.  My hopes were to become the next Sherry and John from Young House Love.  After 1.5 years and only three blog posts to speak of (none of them had anything to do with home renovations) I knew there wasn't much hope for me. But this time, my intentions for the blog are different...

This blog will be filled with life moments, stories of my sweet little boy, and on occasion a DIY project, favorite recipe, or whatever else inspires me.  My goal for the blog is to motivate me to use my good camera more often, instead of just taking iPhone shots all of the time. This blog will be a place were I organize my thoughts and memories in chronological order, so that someday when I tackle the dreaded photo albums, the little details hopefully won't be forgotten.

To the third time.  The charm.  Cheers!


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